Monday, February 16, 2009

SECRETE BEHIND THE SECRETE, an ebook you must read

SECRETE BEHIND THE SECRETE, an ebook you must read

In our lives, we desire to have so many things. Some we get, some we don’t. There are some people who seem to get any thing they want easily, while others have to be satisfied with what they get, in spite of their hard efforts.

What do you think the reason behind this is? The first group is just lucky? No!!! They just happen to apply a universal scientific principle to their lives, some of them even with out knowing that they do it. IT IS THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

There have been so many books written about this concept, with the best seller, ‘THE SECRETE’, being on the top of them. They explain the concept all right, but don’t tell you how to apply it practically. This is where this fantastic e book, ‘SECRETE BEHIND THE SECRETE’, written by Dr. Eric Amidi, a quantum physicist, comes in handy. It’s very comprehensible and practicable. This is a book, which could change your whole life for better!!!

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  1. Well, in the past, any time I tried to read such books, that was a bad experience for me. I doubt the laws of physics can help in understanding our life on our human level. I doubt, because .... I have PhD in Quantum Physics/Chemistry ...
    And while I have a deep admiration to both this science and to psychology - I am very very circumspect when I see the easy connection...

    BTW, have you read Frankl's books?


    However, maybe I will try "The secrete ..."


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