Monday, August 10, 2009

Let Sleeping Vets Lie, Be Prepared To Roar With Laughter!

Let sleeping vets lie, is a self written autobiography by James Herriot, a veterinary surgeon who used to practice in Yorkshire Dale. In this book, the author puts his own experience as a vet in to words.

The most prominent feature of this book the humor it generates. James Herriot expresses so finely the funny aspects of the behaviors of his animal clients, their masters, and even himself! His ability to look at his own self with humor is significant.

One other thing I like about this book is the way it puts the beauty of the Dale before the reader. After reading the book I was so tempted that looked up some videos of the Dale in you tube, only to be more fascinated and determined to visit the place some day.

This book is not entirely a light read though. It’s very apparent that the author had a very caring feeling about the folks and animals of the Dale, letting the reader know of all the hardships of live stock keeping and how those folks show courage, patients, determination, in facing them.

This book has a therapeutic quality. It can take the troubles off your mind, make you laugh, make you relaxed. Why don’t you give it a try?

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