Monday, October 5, 2009

The Third Eye by Lobsang Rampa, would you believe it?

This supposedly self-written auto biography of a Tibetan Lama has been an extremely controversial book. Many people said the Whole thing was a downright lie, a carefully written story, while some, especially those who are from the east, believed in it.
In this book, the author says that he was born in Lhasa, Tibet, to a royal family. He had shown the signs of being ‘a living soul’, a reincarnation of a very advanced Tibetan Lama who lived six hundred years ago. When he was seven years of age, his horoscope was interpreted by some Lamas who were the best astrologers there then. According to his star signs, he was destined to leave home immediately, enter a Lamasery, and train as a Lama, and Learn Tibetan medicine and surgery, acquire some extraordinary skills such as Telepathy, then leave Tibet on a noble mission.
So he leaves his home, enters a Lamasery after an unbelievably hard entrance test, and does as his horoscope said he would. Most interesting of all this is that he gets his ‘third eye’ activated, which allows him to see the aura that surrounds a person, and know about that person’s health, thoughts, and feelings as shown by the aura.
For me, a Buddhist, the concepts in this book are not so strange. I neither believe nor disbelieve it. I suggest that you read this book, and come to your own conclusion, preferably by studying more about the things presented in the book. Whether you believe in this book or not, it will definitely be a unique experience to read it.

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