Saturday, February 20, 2010

God's Debris A Thought Experiment By Scott Adams

I got to know of this book on a review posted on Mirek's Blog. The review was interesting, so I immediately down loaded the book for free online. I'm glad that I did.

I think a few quotes from the author's introduction of the book will serve as a start for my review. Let's see.....

"....I call it a 132-page thought experiment wrapped in a fictional story..."
"...The target audience for God’s Debris is people who enjoy having their brains spun around inside their skulls..."
"....The story’s central character has a view about God that you've probably never heard before..."
"...The description of reality in God’s Debris isn’t true, as far as I know, but it’s oddly compelling. Therein lies the thought experiment:..."
"...You might love this thought experiment wrapped in a
story. Or you might hate it. But you won’t easily get it out of your mind...."

The plot starts when a young delivery man,apparently fairly well educated and sensible,goes on to deliver a package to and old man. As the two meet,the old man does not seem to be really interested about receiving the package but rather asks the delivery man some what a strange question“If you toss a coin a thousand times, how often will it come up heads?”

Our young man gives the obvious answer of some one who knows of probability. But the answer causes more questions,and a lengthy conversation takes place. The whole plot is centered upon this highly thought-provoking conversation between the young man and the,mmm...old man with a higher awareness.

Most of the things the old man discusses with the young fellow are concepts of science, philosophy, and religion that have already been discussed and argued over such as gravity,magnetism, whether man has free will,etc,but there are two things that were looked at in a perspective totally new to me,probability and God.

Reading this book was a wonderful experience. One unique feature of the book is that it doesn't exhaust one like many books intended to encourage thinking because of it's story like presentation and the use of language. I'll say it's like a thought provoking light read. It points out some subtle but significant things that can contribute to life being more content.

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