Sunday, March 14, 2010

HUSH by Kate White

This is a thriller/suspence novel that I found rather dissapointing. It's written around a woman who fleas a scene of homicide.
Lake Warren is a marcketing consusltant, currently working for a fertility clinic. Her husband Jack is filing a divorce, and worse, seems to be wanting the full custody of their two kids. So, Lake has been advised by her lawyer to "keep her nose clean", so as not to make things easy for Jack.
There is this Dr. Keaten, a consultant to same fertility clinic that Lake works for, who is very flirtacious towards her. She too is attracted. After a lustful night spent with him in his appartment, Lakes find him brutelly murdered.
She takes flight, not wanting to call the police, thinking it would affect her custody battle. She tries to act normal. But strange things happen around her. It's as if some trying to scare her. And worse yet, two police dettectives come breathing down her neck. So Lake is determined to direct the police towards who ever the real killer is, with out revealing her being in his appartment when Dr. Keaten got killed.
The plot as a whole is very inconvincing. The author has tried to insert some twists to it, but with hardly any success. Some of them just offer distractions. One other thing I cannot appriciate is the harsh, down right direct way the author expresses Lake's and Dr Kates Love making. It's surprising to expect from a lady author.

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