Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Unbelievable Yet True Story

 I read a good book after a long time . Once I got my hands on  a Sinhalese translation of Alive by  Piers Paul Read, I got through it without stopping.  

Alive is a remarkable novel telling the true story of a group of people who got lost among the frozen Andes mountains after the plane carrying them from Uruguay to Chili crashed, and how some of them beat the odds of the harsh conditions of Andean peaks and survived.  

How the survivors really managed to find their way to a Chilean  village from the peaks of the Andes range proves that our mind is the greatest force of all.As you read through this book, you will definitely stop to think why most of us often make such a big fuss about the so-called "creature comforts". This story is also  a very good example to show that the unity of people can get them through the worst disaster imaginable.

So give this book a try, will you?
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  1. Was the book the inspiration for a movie?
    REading your review I had far recollections of some movie about the plane crash in Andes...

  2. Hi Mirek,Yes a movie was inspired by the book,I've not seen it yet.


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